For a long time innocent lives have been systematically destroyed by the draconian, retrospective Loan Charge (LC). For some, it has affected their mental, physical and financial wellbeing but in the most tragic of cases, lives have been lost, families have been torn apart. LC victims have been fighting for justice on every available platform, assisted by many supportive organisations and individuals. However, despite considerable opposition through the LC APPG, parliament has decided to proceed with parts of the LC, following the review conducted by Sir Amyas Morse. Some legislative amendments to the LC were made through Finance Bill 2020, which received Royal Assent on 22nd July 2020, however, many taxpayers still remain affected.


Loan Charge Legal Limited (LCL) is a not for profit organisation whose sole purpose is to support a legal challenge to the lack of independence of the Morse Review.  It is set up and run by fellow LC victims who volunteer their time. This anticipated legal challenge does not aim to replace or detract from any other current or planned litigation, rather, it is an additional opportunity to challenge the LC.

With the 30th September deadline now passed, many are now struggling with the Time to Pay (TTP) arrangements that they have been forced to enter into. Those choosing to settle with HMRC did so, not because they believe a debt was owed, but solely through the threat of the LC. Many of those who are now paying the LC over 3 years face imminent hardship as the 2019/2020 SATR becomes due in January 2021, adding to the already life changing sums being demanded by HMRC through the 2018/2019 SATR. All of which will be compounded by tax payable under a third SATR in 2021/2022.


Now is the time for ALL loan charge victims to come together, unite and contribute to this proposed legal action.  Further details can be found on the website once you sign up. There is no cost to sign up and donations can be made without signing up if you prefer.


100% of the donations go towards the legal costs and will be evidenced accordingly.

LCL believes that every avenue needs to be explored to fight the injustice that we all face as a result of the LC. Sign up to find out more or simply donate to fight on. Lives hang in the balance and YOU can make a difference!


The fight goes on and ultimately justice will prevail.