LCL UPDATE 09/10/20

It has been a difficult period for all LC victims these past 10 days with settlements, disclosures and TTPs to address and as the reality of the loan charge now hits home. LCL has remained actively engaged with RPC throughout this period in order to ensure that victims can have their day in court.

The current status is that a letter was sent to HMT on 23rd September. No response has yet been received and RPC has confirmed they will give HMT more time before they follow up. They have advised that the legal process can take time and they remain steadfast in their opinion of the strength of the case.

The request for Injunctive Relief (IR) comes at the Permission stage of a JR but these initial steps must be completed first. The subsequent actions and timeframe depend upon the response from HMT. RPC is fully aware of the importance and urgency of the IR and will do all they can to get to a position to request IR in the shortest possible timeframe.

This period has been quieter for funding as compliance of the 30th September deadline issued by HMRC took precedence. LC victims continue to abide by the rule of law if only the same could be said of HMT/HMRC. The funding is now just over 4% away from the target and over the last few days, contributions have resumed as people reignite the desire to fight this unjust and unproven tax.

There have been questions received about the relationship of LCL to PMTC and LCJ and this is clarified below.

The premise of the LCL case was created by Phil Manley and was provided without charge to RPC to benefit all LC victims. The LCL company and its bank account into which all contributions flow have no association to PMTC or Phil Manley whatsoever, and at no point have PMTC/Phil had access to the account or funds. All contributions are transferred to RPC on a daily basis and therefore, RPC holds all the funds raised to date. To be clear, PMTC and Phil Manley have no ongoing involvement in LCL.

Loan Charge Justice (LCJ) was a case created by Phil Manley and is a separate legal entity from LCL. As LCL has no association with LCJ it cannot make any statements on that case except to confirm that LCJ has not provided any funding to LCL. 100% of the LCL funds came from LC victims contributing directly into the LCL account. Any further questions around LCJ should be directed to PMTC, LCJ or RPC (the lawyers engaged on LCJ).

There are established protocols for any legal action which have to be adhered to and the speed at which this progress is entirely dependent on the two legal teams. LCL will bring you updates from the RPC as soon as they become available. Updates will be issued on Friday each week, however, it would be beneficial to set

up notifications on the update section of the website, so that you are notified by email as soon as an update is made.

The fight goes on, justice will prevail.

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