LC victims were reminded again this week why there is cause to have such a high level of distrust in this government. A PPE contract worth £122m was awarded (without tender) to a fledgling company set up by Anthony Page who is also a director of finance company Knox Group, founded by Doug Barrowman of AML. Whilst the government believes itself to be beyond reproach, they must be held to account and LCL will continue the fight against HMT and the unjust loan charge.

This week, LCL received a private and confidential letter from its lawyers, RPC. However, as it contained a pertinent confirmation on the funding, permission was sought and granted to release the letter, with some parts redacted. RPC have confirmed that they have sufficient funding to proceed with the permission stage of the case. Whilst the fundraising will continue until the target is reached for the subsequent stage, this is an important and significant confirmation, as it is after the permission stage that an application can be made for Injunctive Relief. For strategic reasons, it is important that the level of finance is not disclosed to HMRC and this will become more important should it become necessary to issue proceedings.

It is important to remember that the legal process is slow and each party must be given sufficient time to respond. No response from HMT has been received as yet and RPC will advise on the next steps should they not have received a response by the end of October.

In addition to the positive update from RPC in relation to the funding level, as well as closing in on the overall funding target, it is also now possible for LCL to begin working on issuing formal receipts for contributions received by LCL and which LCL subsequently deposited with RPC. Contributors should start receiving these receipts over the course of the next week.

Following continued consultation with RPC, the website (homepage, FAQs, etc.) will be updated next Friday, along with the weekly update. Once completed, please do refer to the website before submitting a query.

The fight goes on, justice will prevail.

RPC Letter to LCL_Redacted
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