LCL Update 23/10

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

BBC Radio 4 broadcast a programme this week called Taxing Situations, as part of their File on 4 series.

Two very brave individuals took part and courageously told their stories, one a direct LC victim and the other the daughter of a loan charge suicide victim. The evidence they presented was in sharp contrast to the statement made by Mary Aiston (Director of Counter Avoidance, HMRC):

“We have very dedicated colleagues who’ve worked really hard over this and seek to provide the best service possible. We have successfully supported thousands of people to settle but I recognise we won’t have got this right in every single case so if somebody has concerns about the service they’ve had from HMRC they can write to us about that. We review any complaint, take it seriously; we look at it independently from the people who were originally working with that taxpayer. So, anyone who has concerns about their service should contact us and where people have got big tax bills, we can give them as long as they need to pay what is legally due, in a way that is manageable to them.“

This will not ring true with the thousands of LC victims who have been pushed towards the loan charge and its unrealistic and financially crippling TTP arrangements, particularly as IR35 and Covid-19 continue to have a devastating impact on people’s ability to maintain a steady income.

With regards to the HMT response, none has been received yet and as stated last week, RPC will advise on next steps if nothing is forthcoming by the end of October.

As advised in the previous update, the process of issuing receipts has now started although it may take a little time before all receipts are sent out so do please bear with us. Please note that following consultation with RPC, the formal receipts will be issued by LCL (and not RPC, as the website previously indicated). This is because contributions were made to LCL directly, which LCL has subsequently deposited with RPC. 

The website updates are in the process of being prepared and the homepage has now been updated. 

The fight goes on, justice will prevail.

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