LCL Update 31/01/2021

First of all, a thank you to all those who have submitted the form to potentially be added as a claimant. We also thank those who have sent in queries and hope the answers provided have helped you to make a decision. Given that there were several common queries, we have worked with RPC to produce Q&As specifically for the purpose of helping you to decide whether to become a claimant. These Q&As will be made available to all members via an update on the website. The timetable of events will now be:

01/02/2021 - Q&A information made available

03/02/2021 - New deadline for submitting form for being added as a claimant by 22:00

04/02/2021 - LCL will contact those on the list

05/02/2021 - Claimants need to make final decision by 17:30

08/02/2021 - Final list submitted to RPC

The number of claimants will have no bearing on the case moving forward. With the response to the PAP expected on Monday, RPC are confident they will quickly be in a position to progress to the Permission stage, should the response be unsatisfactory.

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